Death II - Pulp

Saffy just broke her water all over Patsy’s one of a kind designer outfit right before she was going to present at some fashion awards.  I wish I knew how to make gifs right now.

Yosemite, July 2011

Car Song - Elastica

this aint no joke

this aint no joke

(via fuckyeahnortherncalifornia)

Nature Waltz

Dancing in the street

and dancing of the wheat

is a discrete distinction

The beat enough to lift me from my feet

and direct my limbs where it may

but you see the sounds came

from no chord manipulation

but a strange determination

to feel what is not there

The hopping flees

and the humming bees

understand the state of affairs

The sonic vibration

of a cosmic plantation

the rhythm has always been there

The ears and the eyes

find with surprise

a lack of melody in the air

but the mind is not blind

to the infinite chimes

afraid of the monotone glare

The trees and their leaves

and an animal sneeze

blades of grass blowing as a dare

My feet follow the clangs

of the jingles and bangs

a music box ballerina gone awry


I’m tired of your tax cuts and budget deficits

of your demands on my freedom

Hey, this is America right?

Home of the starving artists and studio execs

Where do you get off telling me what my charity’s worth?

How to serve in the military?

I thought there was no fear here

only a slice of cherry pie, steaming,

with whipped cream and a paper flag stuck to the top

I’m on a long winding road

through strip malls and manicured lawns

and America, I don’t know where to turn off

I’m afraid of your nuclear family,

one false reaction from blowing up

of your chain stores

trying to mangle my thoughts

And of your ill conceived housing projects,

feeding upstate jails

I love you America, I truly do

but I can’t stand to see this side of you

Your abominable tea parties and fragmenting blues

I’m sorry we’re only discussing your issues

You’ll always be my home, baby

from sea to dying sea,

but I don’t belong to you, America

until you accept your citizenry


“Uh-oh…PARTY FOUL!!!”

blood in the streets


“Uh-oh…PARTY FOUL!!!”

blood in the streets